ES 4-11-23

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the open
Ihave my stop at 4134 since i dont want to see below 4135
just got out at 4146.50, plus 5.5 on each. Up 40 handles now. Normally i would still be in this trade but i have to leave for an hour in about 10 min so it worked out well for me.
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afternoon update
Ok, im in! Short from 4150.50 with a 6 point stop.
Heres how im playing it: i will exit one at 4144 for plus 6 and hope the runner gets to 4141 or so.
Modifying my fist exit to 4145.50, exiting runner at 4143
Just bailed at breakeven, 4150.50... too late for me to do another trade, but a nice day today!
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