ES 4-14-23

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globex last night
I`ll be a buyer here if they pull back to 4171
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anatomy of a trade
Retail sales getting in the way! Thats why my hair is grey! Lol.... sticking with the plan. Fwiw dept: Seasonals and historical performance in pre election years have what ever low is made today (if its not in already) then going up into next Tues-Wed. timeframe.
Whoa! They got me ..loss of 7 on each. I`ll wait now for the open
long from 4172...a little late pulling the trigger
Looking to exit at 4183
Back on track.. out both at 4183, plus 11 on each..Now up 8 today...watching for another buy (untill we hit 4193)
Selling 4187
MY exits gonna be at 4179 , i hope! Have to be careful on the short side untill we hit 4193-95
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