ES 6-1-23

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Today is futures rollover, i will be trading Sept es starting tomorrow
Got long at 4185, but bailed at 4186.... waiting for 4178.00 where i will try again to buy
pretty good call on that 4178!
Theres no volumne on this little rally... we should head back down.. I have an order to buy at 4181, but my stop has to below 4175 just in case
mIssed it .. now expect the market to go to 4208.50
It could be 4207.50 is it ( for now). Trying to sell 4206.00 for a quickie
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short term update
See that second line i drew... thats called re accumulation... iwas stopped on my short at 4110, loss of 4 on each
Waiting for a good dip to buy. Been barley missing my entry on several trades today, but sometimes that's just the way it goes
Just sold 4127.00 . Lets hope this goes better
Fun day today.. Tomorrow is jobs data which will surely move the market. Seasonals remain up tomorrow.