ES 6-12-23

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globex action
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Could go either way here but im taking a stab
Going to exit one at 4352.00 to lock up 10 point profit, and hold a runner for 4345 just in front of the 4343-44 fib target
There it is ...out one at 4352 ,10 points in the bank. Now i can lower my stop to 4362.00 breakeven for a stress free trade!
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morning update
Conservative folk would cover here, but....
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im hoping the 1:00 high is in...
Im tired of waiting... jumping out of my short at 4353.50.. if they let me
Wow, they came back down to 4353.50 and let me out! That doesnt happen too often. Plus 8.5 on the runner, now up 18 5 on the day..
Volume is not real supportive of this uptrend.. i was thinking of selling 4261.00 but its already at 4258 , so i guess im late.Still think later we will see 4342-45 or even 4330
Selling again at 4361.00
Not even close.. it could still be hit but i doubt it.. cycles are up to the close now and since its almost 3:oo im goiing to call it a day.. Mild but positve start to the week for me (plus 19) .