Looking for a Futures Trading Partner

I've been unsuccessfully (mostly paper) day trading futures for years. I've spent thousands on training, indicators, systems, trading rooms, etc. ALL of them wildly over-promised and grossly undelivered. Most of them IMHO were total scams.
I'm looking for a trading partner to share notes, ideas, stories, mutual encouragement and to maybe test some things out.
If you might be interested in talking, please contact me.

[email protected]
Spend some time on Brett Steenbarger's blog. You'll find all sorts of tips in there. No need to spend money anymore. Just keep simulating until you find an edge. Market regimes change, and so too will your approach have to. Like a good Shrink, listen to what the market is telling you.

A helpful thing for me has been Camtasia. I record all of my trades and daily market activity. As the years go by, you have quite the library of market action to review. It's just a hobby, I work a regular job for income. Having to make money trading to support yourself is impossible for most.