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Definition of 'CAC 40 Index Future'

The CAC 40 Index Future trades on the Euronext Paris exchange with a ticker symbol of FCE. This contract trades at 10 Euros per index point so when the index is at 3,900 the underlying value that you are trading would be 39,000 Euros. The future is based on the CAC 40 index which are the 40 stocks that are most representative of the various economic sectors quotes on the Euronext Paris market.

Minimum price movement (tick size) is 0.5 which is worth 5 Euros.

Delivery months are three spot months, three of the quarterly months on the March, June, September, December cycle, and eight half-yearly maturities on the June and December cycle. Expiration date is the third Friday of the expiration month at 4pm Central European Time.

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