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Definition of 'Zaychik'

The slang term for the Belarusian rouble, literally means "rabbit" after the first post-communist roubles in the early 1990s had pictures of animals on them, one of which was a hare. The currency has subsequently defenestrated the animals and now lists national monuments on the banknotes, but alongside parallel denominations has lost much of its value. While at a high of 2,150 roubles to $1 USD in 2006, the value of the Belarusian rouble to $1 USD, after a 56% devaluation in May 2011, now has decreased to more than 5,000 BYR.

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The actual 1 ruble banknote, which is now obsolete. New Belarusian banknotes have pictures of national monuments or points of interest imprinted on them.

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