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Definition of 'Activity-Based Budgeting (ABB)'

Activity-based budgeting (ABB) is a budgeting method that is designed to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of budgeting by allocating costs to activities. This is done by identifying the activities that are required to produce a product or service, and then allocating the costs of those activities to the products or services that they produce.

ABB is based on the principle that the costs of producing a product or service are driven by the activities that are required to produce it. For example, the cost of producing a car is driven by the activities of designing the car, manufacturing the car, and marketing the car. By identifying and allocating the costs of these activities, ABB can help companies to more accurately predict the costs of producing their products or services.

ABB can also help companies to improve the efficiency of their operations by identifying activities that are not adding value to the product or service. For example, a company may find that it is spending a lot of money on activities that are not necessary to produce its product or service. By eliminating these activities, the company can reduce its costs and improve its profitability.

ABB is a complex budgeting method, but it can be very effective in improving the accuracy and effectiveness of budgeting. By allocating costs to activities, ABB can help companies to better understand the costs of their products or services, and to identify opportunities to improve their efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits of activity-based budgeting:

* Improved accuracy of budgeting
* Improved efficiency of operations
* Increased profitability
* Better understanding of the costs of products and services
* Identification of opportunities to improve efficiency

If you are considering implementing activity-based budgeting, it is important to work with a qualified accountant or financial advisor. ABB is a complex budgeting method, and it is important to get it right in order to achieve the desired results.

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