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Final 4 weeks for Russell 2000 contracts

From the CME:

September 19 Is Last Day to Trade Russell 2000 Contracts at CME Group

On September 19, 2008, CME Group's contractual listing rights to the Russell 2000 index contracts end, and these products no longer will be available at CME Group.

Although we appreciate your continued support of the contracts at CME Group (currently at 96 percent of volume and a similar share of open interest), we want to ensure that you're informed of all of the resources available to ease the migration to other CME Group products or to the other market center.
But will the AB still be traded?
Yes but on the Eurex and not the CME.
It will be traded on ICE only, not on Eurex.
I stand corrected - ICE not Eurex - thank you OD2!