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ES 09-25-08

I still smell a rally to the upside.
1 min giving neg divergencies, avg. at 1214.84 so astall at 1219.75 not surprising.. hope it carries further tho
order in to sell aretest of 1220 area (1220.00)
THE danger is it could try for a test of the daily high, but i still like the trade.
stopped at 23...up 7 now... sold 2 @ 1223.00, 2 point stop
short 2 1223.00, holding this time a little longer (avg at 1215)
double tpo's at the highs in ES again....can they get em ? I liked when dow hit new highs but not stuff
holding for 1216-1218.50 area. stoch finally gave a sell.
lowering stop to 1222.50 for a sure winner... holding for 1218 area
out here!
Perfect out at 1218.75 4.25 handles times 2!.. now up.15 before commissions. Moral of that story is trust your technicals!
Half out at 93 +19 on those...SL on rest at 1210, next target is 1174.