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ES 09-25-08

I still smell a rally to the upside.
AS usual im out too early, theres the avg. now 1215.88
Bruce - that whole last push up from 16.5 was driven by small $. Big $'s net position was flat until the last retest of 22 and bigs have net sold off since.

Originally posted by BruceM

double tpo's at the highs in ES again....can they get em ? I liked when dow hit new highs but not stuff

I can't believe the day is almost over.
small bounce expected but i think theres more down side here

Just found this site yesterday. Great job! Any chance I could look in on your saturday class?

at least 4 min. to go
Pres, where did you get that indicator?
Margie - I get it from QuoteTracker and feed the QT chart with data from DTN-IQ. It is far from failsafe but has kept me out of some bad trades.
Sure maincane, e-mail popstocks after the close. Igotta get ready for work now .
Half out at 93 +19 on those...SL on rest at 1210, next target is 1174.