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ES 09-25-08

I still smell a rally to the upside.
Were you also nearing the top of your cycle so you scalped the top of it?
looking for an intermediate low to come in around 1:50 est

poc now around 1219, trading away from pc atm, next level of support would be around 1215/14
selling one
sheese, thatwhy i hate market entries(rare 4 me) order in at 1222.50, filled at 1222.00
filled 1221, tried for 1220.50... one whole point! up around 10. PS be very very careful on the short side today!
See, on this run up to 1224.75,%r went to 91.18, not 92 like i like to see,but close.stoch. now entering overbought. WHERE TO SELL? maybe 1225.50, but just for a quick 1-3 handle scalp! Careful on the shorts today!!!
Dam, missed it
Actual initial proj. 1 min. chart was 1218.25 and was overshot 2 ticks ,thats where i would have covered...sigh!
Half out at 93 +19 on those...SL on rest at 1210, next target is 1174.