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pre- open 10-01-08

selling two es here
thats it for me , gang! up 12.50, God knows how! Have to sleep before work tonite. Unloaded my 2 calls i bought yesterday but for no particular reson except to bank another 200 bucks. Cya tomorrow!
ps: should see 1160-61 for an initial thrust ! Later!
C ya kool...sleep well!
Thks for your input today.
I unloaded my calls yesterday also. Near the close it looked like we were coming down today. See you tomorrow. Thanks for all the great info today.
pss: Karen , pure luck on the stop!
Maybe not luck...maybe good karma, for all the good you pay forward on this thread.
Ciao for now.
What the hell was that?
sneak attack
warren buffet is investing $12B in GE