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pre- open 10-01-08

selling two es here
Sorry for not answering earlier, mypto.When i got home around 6:30 am it looked like the first good peak i saw was 1161.25 after which we zig zaged down to the 7:28 bar with a low of 1158.50. afater that a nice little re bound.(all basis 1 min. chart.
The md 1140s target is explained on the last page ES 9-30 09 and the kools video thread(under trader strategies) Check them out!
buying 2for a bounce
trying for 1150.50
reason: the 1 min chart told me the 9:36 bar could be a mini low
long 2 @ 1150.50 2 point stop for a quick scalp... looking for mid 1140s
whew! out at 1152.00.. plus 3 more handles.. now up 8
see Mypto? the 8;50 5 min bar to the 8:55 bar. High- low gives proj. of 1150.00... we were getting very oversold as we approached the 1152 area on the 1 and 5 min charts so even though i expect to see 5 or 6 points lower soon i decided to pull the trigger . i suppose the fact that i was expecting a little low around 9:36-38 also influenced me(cycle from 1 min chart ...9:25 to 9:30 bars)
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