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pre- open 10-01-08

selling two es here
Ijust cant believe this.. a brilliant call good for 6 handles and its stolen away from me by crappy technology! Sheese!
Did your charts come back on yet?
Can any body explain why the decline from 8:47 1161.75 to 8:55 1157.25 shows up on my 5 min 8:50 and 8:55 bars? that seems wierd
My 8:55 bar is a Doji with with a high 1158.75 and a low 1157.25
Yes there up .. down 13 min so i dont know what the daily low is! my broker says 1144.25
My charts show 1144.25 at 7:10 on 1 min chart.
I just looked at another charting service and it has the 1161.75 on the 8:45 candle also.
have to use my 1 min chart i guess. Order to sell at 1152.00,2.5 stop
looks like ill be buying ii35-36 first!
Yeah , Mypto mine are screwy, but only the 5 min. the 1 min. (which is what i mostly use appears to be ok. Maybe it was starting to mess up a while ago. No idea!
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