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ES 10-13-08

Up 13.75 so far on the day, looking for lower prices after a rebound.
out 4 twice... up 18.25..watching
price proj. down now 941 unless 956 is seen again.
959 area confirmed upside proj. selling one there.
order in to sell one at 959.50, 4.5 stop
kool...only if you have time...could you give me the numbers you're using to get the 959 projection?
I think you're subtracting a high from a low, then multiply by 2.618, then add this number to the low?
I think they will retest 943 but i can't get any short signal...frustrating
correct... most recently 11:00 to 11:01 1 min. chart, proj. keeps inching higher(very bullish)
originally 5 min. chart 8:10(927.00) to the 939.25 high. proj.=959
k thanks kool!
would prefer to see a pop above 59 to fade..then target final...this is why I usually hate trading after 90 takes too long
1003 now...50 point run since lunch S&P up almost 100