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ES 10-13-08

Up 13.75 so far on the day, looking for lower prices after a rebound.
thats it for me today...want to stay above 20 handles... good trading all!
good tradin Kool
Bought some SPY 96 calls at 3.35 (ES @963) I wish I could have got these calls cheaper and caught another 40 cent on those puts but was held up...
72.0 = 100% IB extension
right there was a good short scalp... 974.50
wow, incredible strength here .. could it possibly run all the way to 987-989 today?!?
Sold those calls +.65 cent
Short at 976.5
stopped out I am not chasing this thing to the moon, there's gaps at 1100.
wow, going right up into my target zone! Well, lets face it , we were overdue a day like this!
1003 now...50 point run since lunch S&P up almost 100