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ES 10-13-08

Up 13.75 so far on the day, looking for lower prices after a rebound.
price proj. 959 unless we touch the high again. Still think theres a fair chance we'll see 974 tho
Originally posted by BruceM

would like the 62.50 retest at a minimum.......what is TF ?

Russell 2000 e mini. Its the index some believe lead this decent. Kind of like the NQ in 2000
resting at the 5 min. boll avg 966.00... so far
Originally posted by koolblue

mini peak coming at 12:47-48

Very good call kool!! HOD is 12:49 thats fantastic!!
1 min avg is also 966.25 it needs to break these to have a chance at 959-60
buying one at 967.00,very tight 2.50 point stop
big move coming off this hour long consolidation and i think its coming soon!
theres the break... stopped out loss of 2.5 ..up 16.50 now
selling one here
short one at 964.50,3 point stop , holding for 961.00
1003 now...50 point run since lunch S&P up almost 100