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ES 10-13-08

Up 13.75 so far on the day, looking for lower prices after a rebound.
short one at 964.75, 3 point stop and looking for a quick exit!
Sold 1/2 at 965 +19 on those. Looking to buy some puts around 977
man, just hoping for a little pause first, but may not get much out of it!
if im lucky enough ,ill exit mov avg supp ort around 953-953.75
stopped for a 3 point loss... up 19 now
mini peak coming at 12:47-48
Sold the remainder of those longs from 946 +22 on those....bought some SPY 97 puts at 7.00 (ES was at 969)

Nice call kool.
nice Joe...I'm short 67.25
TF still going up that needs to change.....
would like the 62.50 retest at a minimum.......what is TF ?
1003 now...50 point run since lunch S&P up almost 100