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ES -10-14-08

Well, my long awaited initial target at 1060, has been achieved(and exceeded). Im expecting higher prices,but mind ful of the closing ticks on the nyse yesterday!
Originally posted by CharterJoe

Short @ 1049.5

Covered 1/2 @ 1036.5 +13 on those......
SL at flat...
long from 1033.50, 3.5 stop...
Sold those puts +60 cent
wow, shes jumpin again today! Got filled and within 1 tick of my stop seconds later!,then finally hit.. loss of 3.5 up 7
25.25 is final fill on last I type
this has a long way to carry in my opinion, due to the fact that the cycle low for this decline is quite a ways off!
Covered the rest of those shorts @ 1025.5 +24 on those.....
selling one
short one from 1028.50.. lowering stop to 1030.00
4:30 p.m.