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ES -10-14-08

Well, my long awaited initial target at 1060, has been achieved(and exceeded). Im expecting higher prices,but mind ful of the closing ticks on the nyse yesterday!
long one from 1016.00, 4 point stop.. quick exit coming!
out at 1019.25, plus 3.25...
Exit @ 20.25 +3.25
i expect the bottom is in this area(my actual proj was 1016) cycles due to bottom 10:20-25.. have to shower and leave for a bit... back 1:00 to 1:30
Bought some SPY oct calls @ 3.75 ES was at 1020
I think we'll make new highs today (1057.5 from this morning)
these 'violent' swings are certainly indicative of a bottom( see daily charts!)
could be, Joe.. gotta go ...up 13.00 CYA soon, gang!
Ps: here comes the low within the next 3 min. proj. so far is 1035-36 (at least)uless 1014 is seen again.
Long one from 1017.50..(cant stand it!) stop 1013.50, covering oco at 1026.00. LATER! wish me luck!
4:30 p.m.