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ES -10-14-08

Well, my long awaited initial target at 1060, has been achieved(and exceeded). Im expecting higher prices,but mind ful of the closing ticks on the nyse yesterday!
this could easily still have 20 handles to go(south)
selling 981.00
short one 5 point stop...
dead meat ...selling again here
now only up 6.5... short one from 986.00, 5 point stop
selling one more 990.50
short 2 @ avg of 988.25, 10 point stop
3 ticks from a 20 handle loss..LOL, but the volitility is extreme here!
there, covered break even 988.00, now looking to sell 2 hoping we close near the low
selling one at 996.50
4:30 p.m.