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ES -10-14-08

Well, my long awaited initial target at 1060, has been achieved(and exceeded). Im expecting higher prices,but mind ful of the closing ticks on the nyse yesterday!
#$% gone in a heart beat ...up 10.50 still looking to sell up here
buying 982.50 one only
4 point stop(risky long here!)
out..up 6.5 trying once more
pulling the trigger
jeeze ,pulled the trigger at 975,filled 976.00, 3 point stop ...quick exit likely
covering 981 area
wow i placed my stop order @ 974.25 and es touch and went higher...


took my stop with it

whew, out at 981.00, this almost impossible to trade! 5 there. any body having any luck today?
4:30 p.m.