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ES 10-27-08

Man, just had an amazing scalp sell putting me up 9.25 as i head into the open... watching
1 min proj is around 844 ,5 min is around 836 and change
since 5 min is still not oversold , ill try a sell(one only at 865-865.50 area ...the 1 min avg and boll avg
short one at 865.00, 4 point stop
5 min boll avg is 867.50, thats why the 4 point stop.
5 min %R is about 29, stoch around 35, so its got room to travel down if it wants to!
dam, stopped for 4 handles... up5.5 now...watching
trying again!...sold 866.75 same stop
@#%@% got me ..up only 1.5..licking my wounds
ill sell 2@ 876.00
ES Short 872
cya thanks for all the update

yes thursday big day

GDP report