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ES 10-27-08

Man, just had an amazing scalp sell putting me up 9.25 as i head into the open... watching
out 882.00,plus 1.75 up 10.50 now ..watching
bouncing off of the 5 min boll avg 878.00 but the low should come in closer to 1:20
1 min boll avg is 882.25, 5 min now 878.50, 15 min 876.50
well, it appears the low hit at 1:14..
projection to upside 902.50 (901 so9) 909.00 / 914.25
all time frames are now overbought , except 5 min, oddly enough! But it is close! Can we make it to the expected 901-903 target ? think so but may need some backing and filling first.
selling one at 887.50
891.50 stops me out!
thats it ...up only 4.75 now...
breadths about 2 to 1 pos... not great
cya thanks for all the update

yes thursday big day

GDP report