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ES 10-27-08

Man, just had an amazing scalp sell putting me up 9.25 as i head into the open... watching
Hmmm.. tape really looks bullish ...
reduced my load here .. at BE
Stopped on balance ...
stopped at 869.00 minus 3 twice! ... WELL THIS IS VERY BULLISH ACTION AND PROBABLY HEADED TO MY 903 PROJ. IN TIME....watching
Impressive bounces between the VAH and the VAL today ...
IB is 852-882. +50% extension would be 897 and -50% extension would be 837
The hourly cycles show a very decent bottom around 12:30, and this is being confirmed by shorter term charts
we also have a whatever % rule for today to 882.75 that technically hasn't fulfilled (got within .75). The "rule" failed twice last week.
buying 868.50
ill exit both around 871.25 if given the chance
cya thanks for all the update

yes thursday big day

GDP report