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ES 10-27-08

Man, just had an amazing scalp sell putting me up 9.25 as i head into the open... watching
Next low due 1:09-1:16
selling 881.00
short one 881.00..covering 2 min
out at 879.75,plus 1.25, not much there but that spike down caught me by surprise!
up 8.75, and getting cautios ..waiting for 1:10-20
886 globex high and sq 9
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

IB is 852-882. +50% extension would be 897 and -50% extension would be 837


any stats if the +50% hits the same number the second time if the market goes thru
Hi Red. I haven't seen any stats on the probability of IB breakouts hitting the 50% extension levels but it seems to me that those breakouts seem to work more consistently than the so called 80% rules. fwiw the whatever % rule worked today. Unfulfilled ones are at 913.5 & 929.25 from last week.
short one at 883.75 for the low coming soon. stop at 887.75
covering 882.00
cya thanks for all the update

yes thursday big day

GDP report