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ES 11-11-08

kool do u notice inverse H&S on ES chart..
Originally posted by koolblue

theres your proj ,VO, 862 right in my target range from my week end update, and close to a sq of9 at 861

Hey Kool - I have sq 9s @ 856 & 871. 961 is a sq 9
long from 899.75 looking for 902.50
YEAH, Your right ,Prest...i misspoke.. still looking for that 860 area this week tho! Daily proj is 847.50... ooo just got filled ! now up for the day..Yipeee!
Nice rebound Kool!
last trade of the day...short from 905.25
out 903.25.. thats it for me ...rough session but up a couple .. see ya tomorrow!
Note, yet another down day today.. remember how bullish everyone was last thurs and fri? lol. STill have more downside the next day or 2 in my opinion
Remember that proj i gave to 887?
Also i think that 880is still out there!
Popstocks, nice to see you.