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ES 11-11-08

kool do u notice inverse H&S on ES chart..
actual price proj was 889-889.25 and could still be achieved.
ill cover this 884.75 price
just hit 3.5.. back in the black!...looking to buy you know where!
next mini peak due at 1:04
bouncing off of the proj. but im suspicious
mini peak right on schedule... i sold 889.00 but im covering 887.75 because of higher proj.(and im holding 2)
894.25 is 50% retrace of pit session range. 891.5 is .38
92.50 is 161.8% of ABC off the lows
covered 890.50 for a 3 point loss total.. watching for 896/ 881-2
dam, shoulda been more patient! 5 min boll avg is 887.00
Popstocks, nice to see you.