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ES 11-11-08

kool do u notice inverse H&S on ES chart..
1 min avg is 890.50
long from 889.75...
for you ABC players look at the 610T and how the bigger picture played out...a thing of beauty. The first mentioned did not have a very big retrace...I personally like to see at least 50%. And you notice that your trigger bar ( first close above previous bars high) would have triggered above the B point. The bigger picture would have got you in @ 89.50 with first target 94.
put/call ration is 1.35 today

yesterday it was 1.05

Vo I can't get 610 but I have 512 and that would've been an excellent trade. Thanks for pointing it out.
stopped 886.75 loss of 3...watching for 881-2 area
ill sell the 889.00 level
still have valid 1m & 5m @ 881 and 15m @ 877.50
plus still have singles down to 81.75 to fill plus -50% IB to 80.25
sold 888.25...looking for 881-82
Popstocks, nice to see you.