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ES 11-13-08

current 5m = 866/872.50 to upside & 824.50 down
15m = 888.75 & 832/830.50/816
and to get that low one has to check the volume...?

I personally think volume is important, but has zero to do with time or price projections
ok thanks man
got a 15m @ 36.50
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

we still haven't taken out singles 843.5-846.0 and then 834.0-843.5. -50% IB extension is 836.0. sq 9 @ 841

the 43.5-46 singles are gone now.
theres good tick div here
838.5O proj. finally taken out
maby when President Bush speaks we'll head up. I can dream can't I?
new singles now 816.75-817.25, 836.75-840.0, 844.25-845.75
man what a flush job!...I had 5m & 15m at 16...I got ran over at S1
got a projection to 1002.50, however market don't go straight up or down