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ES 11-13-08

current 5m = 866/872.50 to upside & 824.50 down
15m = 888.75 & 832/830.50/816
VO, it gives my the guts to sell at a higher price, if that makes since!

Thx for your help!
we still haven't taken out singles 843.5-846.0 and then 834.0-843.5. -50% IB extension is 836.0. sq 9 @ 841
thanks prestwick
right on cue
nice vo

its a major low or mini low Vo?

it was a 5m count...8:35 swing H to 9:25 swing H
Kool would define mini as 1m
so High to High give low and low to low gives high?

got a projection to 1002.50, however market don't go straight up or down