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ES 11-13-08

current 5m = 866/872.50 to upside & 824.50 down
15m = 888.75 & 832/830.50/816
Is this a possible abc or did one go off beginning 6:17 this am?
yes is possible margie
suspect were more apt to see it on downside though
if we could get back to the 55 area (50% retrace) I would be looking for 1 on downside margie
would rather see an even deeper retrace though
What a reversal!
crude in a few
im seeing good cycle low at around 10:20
VO, do you sell in to the cycle low or buy off it?

you would be a buyer into a low and seller into high...look for some type of pattern that you trade that gives a confirming signal
got a projection to 1002.50, however market don't go straight up or down