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ES 11-13-08

current 5m = 866/872.50 to upside & 824.50 down
15m = 888.75 & 832/830.50/816
Vo, red and prest, thanks for all your help today and always. Another great day trading Kool's projections and I love the abc. I don't get all the handles but I get what I am looking for.
Thanks again have a great night.
the indexes are putting in "key" reversals today
ndx & indu by definition
YW Margie. 901 sq 9, singles 914-917, 911 yesterday's high
Originally posted by VOwater

FWIW the 15m has 935...we wont get any good projections until we have some pullbacks

This may be a valid projection.

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Don't know when that target might be reached
but having a plan never hurt. I'll run projections
in the morning @ 5:30am est. see if I get confirmation.
got a projection to 1002.50, however market don't go straight up or down