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ES 11-14-08

15m: 935, 945 and 866.50, 836.50

will be away most the day
One thing that stands out to me is , remember the 'bigger' picture proj. the down side was never hit(866.25... hit 868) and the upside was exceeded by a couple handles .. To me that denotes good strength, and i could now make a case for much higher,if that comes to pass today and closing ticks are again high ,Mon might be a great shorting day!
selling 908.50
908.75 is my price proj,and max up from the 15 min chart is 913.75
buying 900.50 just above the 1 min boll avg
anybody notice we ran up to 907.25. The morning high was 907.00
out at 904.75, plus 4.25 there up 9... watching
bingo on the first price proj...908.75
next stop 913-14
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My thought process with this chart was with a break
@ 868.00 we might go to the 829.00 area. That was hit
this morning @ 6:40est