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ES 11-14-08

15m: 935, 945 and 866.50, 836.50

will be away most the day
cup formation on 5 min chart?

your timing was GREAT for the high......
hard crude sell into NYMEX pit close
selling 897 area
short one only from 897.00
covering around the 1 min avg(54 exp.) at 890
lowering stop to 897.00 for a free trade
order to exit at 890.75(dont want to get too greedy!)
man ,i hate giving up a big gain like that! but im stopped at breakeven so noharm no foul i guess!
Picked up another three x's 2.
Originally posted by redsixspeed

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My thought process with this chart was with a break
@ 868.00 we might go to the 829.00 area. That was hit
this morning @ 6:40est