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ES 11-14-08

15m: 935, 945 and 866.50, 836.50

will be away most the day
out 878.50(no real reason ..just chicken),plus 2.0 there on only one tho
882.75 = .38 retracement of pit session. 887.5 = 50%
thanks KOOL- up 12 now- remember I told you I had a rotten day yesterday with my hardware, cost me huge, so I am just trying to make it back.

Still, once your up nicely like that...thats when you want to tighten up the most! At least for me , i get too 'loose ' with my trades thinking ,so what ! im up good! etc
right now I am in profit protection mode
1 min proj around 884 but 883.50 is the 5 min avg
looks like the high i expected came in! i missed my 883.50 entry due to posting , but chased 2 at 882.00
covering here
awesome grab- i was looking higher 885
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My thought process with this chart was with a break
@ 868.00 we might go to the 829.00 area. That was hit
this morning @ 6:40est