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ES 11-17-08

well, here we go! down 3 ... lousy way to start the day..
WELL ,COULD BE PREST, 15 min is saying 860.25 so im kinda thinking that range... 859.50-860.50, if the current high isnt touched
wow, you called that bounce perfectly, Prest!
selling one at 872.50(1 min avg and 5 min boll avg)
too late?
changing my order to the 1 min proj 873.50. mini peak 1:20 ...i hope
.. order cancelled ...order to buy one only at 860.25
10 min to go...
ill sell 872.75 if it gets that far
sold 67.25 out 64.25
well this is the real test of whether it gets to that 859-60 or not cause right here is where all the avgs are hanging out (863 area)
nice selling volume