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ES 11-17-08

well, here we go! down 3 ... lousy way to start the day..
ill cover at 849.50 take the money and run!
finally!..out at 849.50..cause it had to go to 849.00 at least (1 min proj).. now up a respectable 14.0 handles on the day
2 more min of upside...
great trading kool!
selling 858.50-859.25
not gonna make it ! should peak here!
[email protected][email protected]$ too late for me trying 858.50
short one at 858.50 stop above the 15 min avg at 861.50
i dont like that 5 min bar at 11:00 tho, i could get crushed here.. sooner or later ,my lucks gonna run out...
that would project to some thing like 863 or slightly higher ... if this 861.50 doesnt hold her. remember 841 unless 964.25 is touched!
nice selling volume