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ES 11-17-08

well, here we go! down 3 ... lousy way to start the day..
theres the 1m...5m @66.50
if they give me the 1 min avg at 855.75 ill bail cause my nerves are too frazzled to try and ride it to 841!
there she just broke the 1 min boll at 858 ..thats good for me!
dam, 5 min avg is 856.50, so ill bail at 856.75
whew! filled at 856.75(im such a wuss!) 1.75 there now up just shy of 16 and taking a break with a little Mozart to calm down!... back in 15 min.
Vo, is this a possible B ending here at 855.5/854?
oh yeah
want a 50% retrace
61.80 even better
margie im L @56.25..1st higher high
nice selling volume