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ES 12-11-2008

Important Note: Contract rollover TODAY for the ES, NQ, YM and TF

Feng, it's very easy to make a small fortune in daytrading, all you have to do is start with a large one.
guess I'll be bullish until proven otherwise

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Then you got a real shot son!
So you can still go long or short irrespective of the trend LOL
awesome...thanks guys
thanks Vo I would not have snapped that one.
GOOD MOVE AND GREAT CHART VO! I cant win for losing ..had a proj at 897.50 so my buy was at 897.75 and still i got one ticked!
I got married to be one but still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have that channel top on dailys @910.50
Originally posted by feng456

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Feng do you have Skype? it would be easier to talk to you...

i had skype then i uninstalled cuz it had lousy connections. but i think my account may be still active. whats ur username or whatever?

skype Id is rthtrader