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Globex 12-18-08

Good morning all! selling this 908 area
ill give to 9:23 at the most..then im out for the open!
re Chrysler, there was talk this AM that they were in merger talks with GM again but the rumor has been denied.
covered at break even.. il watch for a bit... see ya on the es thread!
Whoa! I am back from my sandwich. Just missed the downward crossover. That is abrupt! And twice!
It was a little late to try 2 targets scaled out at 2 and 4. EMA3 is still below EMA9. MACD was still downtrending.

Realised 2. 4 was a long shot. So I moved my stop closer to the short tick to protect my 2 point lead.

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Short 2 and 4 points target scale out. Later moved stop closer cost.