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ES 12-22-08

Trin too high here....
ugh stopped for a 3 point loss... this is headed for 850!
remember, we have a 60m @ 49.75
yeah, remember this?
I REMEMBER! crude down 5.5%
Double Bottom ?
need a close at 62 or better to confirm
looks like the bear flag has broken already! i guess i shouldnt be surprised ,i had today as a cycle peak on the daily charts ,but i am still surprised!
is there a fib projection off a double bottom ?

in this case, the projection off 859.00 ?
874.25 is the Horizontal line off the 30 minute chart.

Click image for original size
161.8 Projection to 874.00<br><br>30 Minute horizontal line at 874.25

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Channel & Horizontal Line at 874.25