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ES 12-22-08

Originally posted by koolblue

i would much prefer to buy than sell this thing ,but from much lower prices!

a double test of 76.5 might be a good poke (bottom of Bruce's HVA and Fri low)
short 2 from 878.00,looking for an 883.75 exit
covered one at 886.50 to reduce risk...
stop lowered to break even
i kind of wonder now if we'll hit the 871.25 i gave this weekend!
i have a standing order to buy 871.25, 3 point stop
871 is the 1st support level. Looking to this event and see where it goes. If it is going under, 736 towards the end of the year looks very possible.
short 2 at 877.25(wanted 87.75)
874.25 is the Horizontal line off the 30 minute chart.

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161.8 Projection to 874.00<br><br>30 Minute horizontal line at 874.25

Click image for original size
Channel & Horizontal Line at 874.25