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ES 12-22-08

thanks margie
Is there an 874.75 projection to the upside from here?

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....or 873.25?
1 off 71
Thanks VO...
yw Vo.
Originally posted by PDQ

....or 873.25?

I get 872.75 for the 161.8% then 875.75 for the 261.8%
Vo, Margie, pt or anyone, from the 11:12 L @ 73.75 to the 11:54 H @ 79.25 don't we get a projection to the 64.75 area unless 79.25 is taken out? TY - still trying to figure this out ...
Thanks PT... this projection method seems to work quite often!
874.25 is the Horizontal line off the 30 minute chart.

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161.8 Projection to 874.00<br><br>30 Minute horizontal line at 874.25

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Channel & Horizontal Line at 874.25