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ES 12-31-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 882
R1: 895.25
POC: 879.50

globex gaps: 893.75, 891.25
reshorted at 94 ...2nd try
s @ 94.75
gap in the 92 area and air at OR high
Simple language bruce pl
I usually can't trade and minute gap and no overlap on one minute data near Operning Range ( OR) high...hope that helps ak1
there not gonna try for the 904's I hope. are they ?
Whew that was intense
09:13:20 1 BUY_LIMIT 894.25
09:21:36 1 SELL_MARKET 895.00

watching paint dry is more fun then this low volume
Bruce you talking about this?

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No Description Entered
This -ve divergence is not good
happy new year everyone