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ES 12-31-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 882
R1: 895.25
POC: 879.50

globex gaps: 893.75, 891.25
for you guys still short I would be surprised if they dont find 99.75 before taking another run if they do decide to run again
VO, look at the 5 min chart.. low 895.00 high 897.50 bout 20 min later ,right? x 4.236 gives 905.50!!! coincidence?
silly but i sold 902.75...just 1
heres why I said 904 earlier and where I added

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stop 900
so do all these folks want to stay long over the next few day? amazing...This is all suspicious to so far is 98.75..c'mon you 93.75 SOB!!
flat 900
bots must be busy selling- 5 point drop in under 5 min wtf
flat at 99.75.....frustrating!!
happy new year everyone