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ES Short Term Trading 8-5-2010

Range Based S/R

R1 = 1129.50
S1 = 1108.75
R2 = 1132.875
S2 = 1105.375

Steenbarger Pivot = 1122.00
Thanks for that dda!

Originally posted by dda

You need the pro version of IRT or MD to use a custom indicator,
then it's a simple formula for the CI:
(VOL.14+VOL.28+VOL.42+VOL.56+VOL.70)/5 and add it to the chart.

The VOL.14 is taking the volume value of 14 bars ago. On a 30 min. chart it's exactly one day ago (RTH). For a 15 min. chart you need to double the values.

Holiday sessions can mess up the indicator, but they're rare..

Here's how a Custom Indicator looks like:
No problem Lorn, msg me if need any help