I've heard from a number of traders that meditate before they start trading. Some listen to classical music, others chant a mantra, whatever works for them.

Yesterday I read in Innerworth that some people juggle. Apparently that requires so much concentration that you cannot think of anything else and so acts as a type of meditation by clearing your mind of all other thoughts and allows you to relax.

There are other traders who would never even think about meditating, which is also cool. What works for one does not necessarily work for the other.

What do you have to risk from trying? Nothing, from what I can work out. I, personally, have not tried to combine any form of meditating with trading. I am, however, thinking about doing so. I like the sound of juggling but don't have 3 appropriate objects yet. I will be working on this theme and report back when I have more information.

If you have had an experience of combining meditating with trading (or anything) and have had a negative or positive experience from doing so then let us know...
By the way, this is a great option for emotional rest, which traders so need. I would really advise you to pay attention to this.
Meditation isn't something I have tried but am keen to do so. Being able to focus the mind prior to a trading session can only be a good thing.
I do on occasion try to meditatie well clear my mind while listening to ASMR videos it's my way of distressing I highly recommend it to people 👌
I tend to listen to white noise type music when trading so perhaps I am inadvertently meditating while trading. I like to listen to nature sounds like lapping water, rain, that sort of thing!