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emini daytrading software?

I am looking at daytrading eminis and it seems there are several different software programs out there (as well as brokers).

I really want something with DOM type order entry. In addition, I am wanting something with no platform fees because I won't start off too heavy on the volume.

I think I have it narrowed down to:


I kind of prefer something with charting built in...volume or tick charts would be nice...not sure that is going to be possible though. I used RealTick III daytrading equities (which I no longer use).

I have seen a few other options (some look like rebranded software) i.e. Infinity Pro @ Infinity Brokerage that have DOM type order entry. I thought I rade x_trader had a patent or something on that style.

Since I am deciding on a broker for index future trading only as well...the platform issue makes the choice a little more difficult. A lot of people like Interactive Brokers but I don't see hitting the monthly minimums to start. Buttontrader looked nice though.

At any rate, pros/cons of each of the software packages mentioned and/or brokers would be much appreciated...searching the forum produced quite a few results but many of them were extremely old.

day trading - thanks for confiming my suspicion. the Ninja V.5 charting page indicates the charting will backfill automatically from eSignal, DTN and MyTrack data feeds. Which does change the monthly cost structure for that solution, especially when compared to the higher end integrated solutions now available.
I talked to some nice guys at proactivefutures and they made a few things more clear.

They happen to provide either TT or Zen data feed, 4.75 per round turn. Supposedly you can get Ninjatrader with data feeds to each of those and it is an additional .40 or .70 per ticket (no monthly fee)...the Zen data feed doesn't allow some of the strategies of Ninjatrader though. From reading around the Zen data feed is one of the best. They also have a rebranded DOM style system at no charge and you can get charts for like $25/month.

Someone told me Sierra charts isn't bad and doesn't cost too much.

I'm still pretty heavy on the shopping/research phase.
Researching this is a tough job because as soon as you compile an up-to-date list of prices, specs, packages, feeds etc. it becomes out-dated within about 60 days.

Just like pt_emini didn't know that Ninja now do charts I didn't know the x_trader's price had dropped by so much.

I'm somewhat surprised that a bunch of us E-mini traders haven't banded together to form a co-operative style negotiating group in order to get its members the best possible platforms, charts and feeds through one broker. Or does that exist and I just haven't been invited?
subq- a lot of the IB traders like using sierra, it is something woodie made popular when he was starting up his original trading room, then he moved to esignal for the advertising incentives associated with the subsequent growth of his notariety. A lot of the original woodie traders still use and support sierra. I consider the IB/Sierra solution as the do it yourself economy route.

Another very good charting program along the lines of Sierra is Ensign. Like Sierra, Ensign is an add-on to an existing data feed.[url][/url]
thanks for all the discussion...

I think I decided on the Ninja/Zen platform.
Please keep us updated on how it works out and the things that you like and dislike about them.

Good luck!
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